A comment on tonight’s debate.

Senator Obama said that Americans will have to start thinking about how they use energy. I don’t remember the exact quote, but McCain may have echoed him.

Translation: we’ll have to conserve energy when possible and seek efficiency in energy use because, after all, it’s not unlimited.

Well, Americans should think about how we use energy. We should have to conserve energy. We do have to conserve energy. Sometimes that’s easier than other times. But that goes for all things of economic value: we should think about how we use them. We should have to conserve them.

My question is this, to all the politicians who favor socialized medicine (a.k.a., “free health care,” or “universal health care”): does this mean Americans won’t have to think about how they use health care? Does this mean we won’t have to conserve health care?

I hope that in the interest of bipartisan unity, the Senators take the timing lights and shove them down Brokaw’s throat. Good Lord, that man is obnoxious.

THERE IT IS! “Should health care be treated as a commodity?” Like it or not, it is a commodity. You can “should” and “wish” and “hope” all you want; it’s a resource like any other. It is neither free nor unlimited.

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The Rogue Economist Says:

I think it is sad how many people believe the lies about socialism. All it takes is a simple high school economics class to know that socialism doesn’t work. Competition, that’s where the utopia is.
I wasn’t home to watch the debate, so all I saw was about 30 minutes worth on YouTube. Sadly, both candidates disappoint me when it comes to their economic ideas and their beliefs concerning what needs to be done to fix the economy. Personally I think the bailout was a huge mistake and that throwing cash at a problem won’t fix it; it’s like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

October 9th, 2008 at 4:48 pm