Yesterday I drove to my dad’s house through the midday torrential sunshower. Just before I made the left onto his street, I saw the end of a rainbow straight ahead. Naturally, I had to drive through it.

This would be the second one I’d driven through. The first time was wild; I approached the rainbow nearly straight on—virtually in the plane of the rainbow. I hoped it would turn out to be either solid-but-transparent or magic, so that I could drive right up it. Alas, it was neither. I settled for watching the colors flood through the window and into the car, which was more than spectacular enough.

This time around, my approach was perpendicular to the plane of the rainbow. As fervently as I hoped that rainbows were solid the first time around, I now hoped that they weren’t because if they were, I was about to crash right into one. Thankfully, the rainbow turned out to be mere light rays, perfectly safe for passage.

As I drove through the end of the rainbow, something so bizarre happened that I ignored what sounded like a clunk and some coins spilling out of a bowl: the rainbow flipped horizontally.

I stopped in the middle of the street to make sure that I saw what I thought I saw, and that I hadn’t been confused by looking in the rearview mirror. But the rainbow really had flipped: it was as though God had picked up just one end of the rainbow and moved it, like a Slinky, to the other side of the street. Originally the rainbow started in the middle of the road and stretched over the northern side of the street. After I passed through it and looked back, the rainbow still started in the middle of the road and stretched over the southern side of the street. It was mind-blowing.

It didn’t last long, because the clouds shifted and blocked enough of the sunlight. I felt I was being toyed with.

One Response to “Rainbow.”

  1. Que si Says:
    September 25th, 2007 at 6:17 PMToday I drove through my first rainbow. To be honest, it was a bit anticlimactic. No pot o’ gold, no fancy light show, not even a lousy certificate of achievementthat that give out at T-ball games so “everyone is a winner”. I acomplish one of my life goals and al I get is the satisfaction of a job well done? Pah! If that’s all there is to goals, I’m setting lower standards. Next life goal: go to school tomorrow.

    Also, I tried to notice if my rainbow experience mirrored yours(pun intended)but all I acomplished was nearly hitting a mailbox that had jumped out in front of me.