A letter to President Bush.

Dear President Bush,

I would like to congratulate you for nominating Samuel A. Alito, Jr. to the Supreme Court, where he would join such prominent justices as Antonin M. “Nino” Scalia. Hopefully his confirmation will be swift.

I would also like to take this occasion to suggest the following federal judges for any Supreme Court vacancies in the near future:

Anthony A. Alaimo

Ruggiero Aldisert

Thomas L. Ambro

Richard J. Arcara

Paul J. Barbadoro

Carl J. Barbier

Marianne O. Battani

Melvin T. Brunetti

Guido Calabresi

Richard A. Caputo

Richard J. Cardamone

William J. Castagna

David S. Cercone

Samuel Conti

Alfred V. Covello

Joseph A. Diclerico, Jr.

Paul V. Gadola

Arthur J. Gajarsa

Richard A. Lazzara

Joseph A. Longobardi

Kenneth A. Marra

William J. Martini

Frederick J. Martone

John R. Padova

Frank J. Polozola

Reena Raggi

William J. Rea

Charles J. Siragusa

John E. Sprizzo

Dominic J. Squatrito

Joseph L. Tauro

Michael A. Telesca

Ursula Mancusi Ungaro-Benages

I assure you, they are all judges of the highest caliber.


Vincent D. Viscariello

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