Thoughts whilst watching Argentina-Mexico.

On they had a picture of the late Aaron Spelling next to this headline: “176-year-old ‘Darwin’s Tortoise’ dies in Australia.” It took me a second to realize they were from different articles. … I flipped over to an… Read More

Suck, Part Two a.k.a. World Cup Germany 2006, Part Four.

Not an impressive effort by the United States today. I must confess that over the course of these three games, I have come to doubt Arena’s judgment, which is tough considering how much he’s done for the Men’s National Team… Read More

World Cup Germany 2006, Part One.

At long last, the World Cup Finals, a.k.a. the best month in any given four-year period, begin tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be relatively high scoring, there’ll be some great games, and a worthy champion will be crowned at the… Read More