Things looked bleak for the U.S. men’s national team after the 2006 World Cup. We finished dead last in our group, 25th place overall, and Coach Bruce Arena, under whom American soccer had made a lot of progress… Read More


There aren’t too many action shots, decent or otherwise, of me playing footy. So I was plenty surprised and pleased to find that the co-ed beer league posted some photos of a goal I scored last weekend. The… Read More

On the end of the Bears’ season (’10-’11).

It ended in just about the worst way possible: losing to the Packers. In the playoffs. In Soldier Field. With the Halas Trophy on the line, and giving the Packers a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. I say… Read More


Today was my seven-a-side team’s first game in three weeks. And for the first time since August, we not only had a full side, but also subs! Two subs! Who could come on the field and replace us… Read More


Yesterday whilst looking for a coat–just a nice, plain coat, button-up or zippered, a couple of pockets–I was talking to my good pal DFJ3. I wanted a nice, plain coat, not too long, not too short, not too… Read More

Not quite as glorious as Thermopylae, but…

Today was the first round of playoffs for my beer league team, the Stubby Holders. We somehow managed to sneak into the six-team playoff bracket in spite of finishing in seventh place. Turns out the third seed disbanded… Read More

Thoughts whilst watching Bears-Giants.

I have developed the following list of things that clearly have no business being in a professional football broadcast: 1. Hot pink. I’m all in favor of breast cancer research, but does anybody really think that hot pink… Read More

World Cup South Africa 2010, Part Eight.

Alas, the Cup is over, and Spain won despite my predictions that they’d choke, and despite the coin flip I did a few days ago. It was very appropriate that the winning goal came from a midfielder, Andr√©s… Read More

World Cup South Africa 2010, Part Seven.

Spain vs. the Netherlands in the final. For me, this is the worst time of the Cup… knowing that there are two soccerless days left before the consolation match and the final, and then four long years before… Read More

World Cup South Africa 2010, Part Six.

So much for “clinical and calculating.” Brazil’s second-half collapse today was one for the ages. They had a second-half lead against a flailing, desperate Holland until Felipe Melo had the mother of all meltdowns. We probably shouldn’t lay… Read More

World Cup South Africa 2010, Part Five.

America’s problems in this World Cup: 1. The central defense was awful early in the matches. DeMerit and Onyewu got caught too far up in the 4th minute against England: Gerrard slips behind them for a goal. They… Read More

World Cup South Africa 2010, Part Four.

I watched this morning’s US-Algeria game at O’Brothers with a buddy. ‘Twasn’t the best game of the Cup so far, but it was certainly the most tense. As that second half dragged on, and as our guys kept… Read More