World Cup Brazil 2014, Part Three.

My prediction performance so far, with my correct picks in bold: Group A: Brazil, Mexico. Easy picks. Group B: The Netherlands, Spain. Even after the whupping from Holland, I thought Spain would bounce back. Nope. The Dutch look… Read More

World Cup Brazil 2014, Part Two.

I didn’t want to say anything for fear of jinxing the US and the Azzurri and the tournament in general, but good Lord this has been a great world cup. There’ve been goals galore (for soccer), great comeback,… Read More

World Cup Brazil 2014, Part One.

The Greatest Month in Sports is back. I don’t own any video game that might help me simulate the World Cup, so I had to rely on thinking and stuff. Here are my slightly belated predictions for 2014… Read More

Back in my day, continued.

(Found a draft of this digging through some files this afternoon. I really should have posted this last year, heading into reunion summer. Here’s part one.) I tried out for my high school varsity soccer team as a… Read More


With the World Cup a mere six months away, it’s probably too late for FIFA to introduce any meaningful new anti-diving measures. Therefore it’s up to the fans, the advertisers, and the players themselves to do what they… Read More


Gli Azzurri pulled off a nice little comeback earlier today to win UEFA Group B and advance to Brazil. The US downed Mexico 2-0 (dos a cero, again) just a little while ago, and assuming Panama doesn’t win,… Read More

Back in my day.

Back to high school soccer: My sophomore and junior years, our home field was horrific, and looking back there’s no way I’d’ve let my kids play on it, whether for varsity sports or for phys ed class. If… Read More

Four goals.

The Stanton Class of 1993’s twenty-year reunion is in June. A week or so ago, a blurb from the reunion’s internet group put me in a nostalgic mood. I pulled my senior yearbook off the shelf and flipped… Read More

Some wackier proposed changes to the Laws of the Game.

Here are some more of the changes I’d be interested to see. They aren’t subtle, and might change the game a bit too radically. So I’d love to see an exhibition tournament among top teams with one or… Read More

A few proposed changes to the Laws of the Game.

With the Euro tournament in full swing, soccer’s on the brain. Here are some of my suggestions for changing the rules of the game. They aren’t that radical, they’re just some minor tweaks that I think will improve… Read More


Soccer is far and away my favorite sport, but I believe it could stand to make some changes– not just for the sake of making the game more palatable to the American market, as non-Americans often accuse, but… Read More

A strange game.

Tonight’s JV boys’ soccer game at Wolfson: Four minutes in, we chipped the ball into the goal area. Their keeper somehow managed to put the ball in his own net. Paxon 1-0. Less than five minutes later, one… Read More