Questionnaire 20.

The following attempt to break the writer’s block comes from this hyperlinked website right here. 1. WHAT IS IT LIKE TO WAKE UP EVERY MORNING AND PRETEND THAT YOU AREN’T DYING? Pretty easy. I’ve been doing it several… Read More

Questionnaire 19.

The following attempt at cracking the writer’s block comes from this link here. 1. WHAT WAS THE LAST PICTURE YOU TOOK WITH YOUR PHONE? My dental insurance card. Look at that, there’s a crack in my shield. 2…. Read More

Questionnaire 18.

The following questionnaire came from a website called PluginID. Click here for the link. The original questions are in all caps, my answers are not. Here goes: 1. IF YOU DISLIKE YOUR FAMILY, ARE YOU OBLIGATED TO SPEND… Read More

Questionnaire 17.

I’ve excised most of those questions I answered in earlier questionnaires. Here’s the source. 1. HOW OLD ARE YOU? 37. 2. ARE YOU SURE? Reasonably, but to be honest I have to take other people’s word for it…. Read More

Questionnaire 16.

1. HOW DO YOU DEFINE HONESTY? The willingness to make thought and speech reflect fact and reality. 2. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR OR WORRY? That the AC will stop working. 3. WHAT IS THE MAIN THING THAT… Read More

Questionnaire 15.

The following questions come from various sources, and I’m too lazy to link them all here. Here goes: 1. PUT YOUR MUSIC PLAYER OF CHOICE ON SHUFFLE AND LIST THE FIRST 10 SONGS. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”… Read More

Questionnaire 14.

The following questions come from here. I don’t know where that author got the questions from. I’ve answered some of these questions before, so I just included links to the older answers. 1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBY?… Read More

Questionnaire 13.

As I run up against my weekly deadline, I resort yet again to a questionnaire. The following questionnaire was adapted from this website right here, which plucked it from somewhere else on the internet, which plucked it from… Read More

Questionnaire 12.

Running low on time before I have to post, so here’s old reliable: a questionnaire plucked from online. 1. ARE YOU YOUNG AT HEART, OR AN OLD SOUL? I’ve been told the latter more than the former. That… Read More

Questionnaire 11.

With about 45 minutes left to avoid violating my writing resolution, I lean yet again on my favorite crutch: the questionnaire. This one, like the last few, draws from multiple sources. 1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID… Read More

Questionnaire 10.

The creative juices are running low. Here’re some questions culled from the internets: 1. WHO WAS YOUR FIRST PROM DATE? I did not attend either of my proms. I attended soccer tournaments, one of which we won. 2…. Read More

Questionnaire 9.

Here’s another twofer. The first batch comes from a website called Marc and Angel Hack Life: THESE QUESTIONS HAVE NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS. BECAUSE SOMETIMES ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS IS THE ANSWER. 1. HOW OLD WOULD YOU… Read More