On blogging.

In the Question Box, from KrikKrak: Over the years I’ve tried to set up a blog. Each time I have, within a matter of months, or sometimes days, I take it down. I lose my nerve. I also… Read More

Response to “Martha Quinn.”

“Martha Quinn” wrote the following comment in response to my post “Five Years!”: Hello Dom, I am compelled to give a little advice here, even though I […] may be unwelcome on your blog. But if the latter… Read More

On the 150th anniversary of the Late Unpleasantness.

From JCC: [Today is] the 150th Anniversary of the start of the ACW, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, War for Southern Independence, War of the Rebellion, or whatever name you choose to call it. I’m… Read More

Why I am not an economist.

In the previous post’s comments, someone asked, “Why did you chose teaching high school over a career in economics?” Well, that’s a story. I actually did dabble in economics a long time ago. I used to work the… Read More

“Good Economics.”

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a former student who’s gone on to major in economics. Hopefully said student won’t mind that I’ve published my response online. [Parts of the original message have been edited… Read More

Mailbag: President Charlemagne.

An e-mail from a former student: Greetings, Mr. Viscariello. Do you know anything about the Presidents of the US all being related to English aristocracy, most of them descendants of Charlemagne and King Edward III? Do you think/know if this… Read More

“Why would someone not want presents?”

In response to a question from the previous post’s comments: Many moons ago, I became disenchanted with making birthday and Christmas lists. I figured that if I listed the items that I wanted others to give to me,… Read More

Response to “You’re awesome old student.”

A former student who seems not to have mastered the concept of homophones recently e-mailed me for advice. I tried to reply, but kept getting nasty messages from some guy named “Mail Delivery Subsystem” explaining that my e-mail… Read More