From the mailbag: “Why did Mitt Romney lose? I thought President Obama had everything going against him?” President Obama did have a lot going against him– not all of which is directly attributable to him, but this isn’t… Read More

On the People’s Republic of Cheaters.

Some quick thoughts on an email from Noutheteo, who should know this already, being an econ major: “What’s with the whole ‘China is our enemy,’ economically speaking? Could you assess some of the complaints as well as the… Read More

Two weeks out.

From the mailbag: Can you do a post of a break down of the election thus far, because it looks like a possible 2000 repeat (only in regards to the popular vote not winning the Electoral vote)? Also… Read More

About you.

An anonymous reader e-mails: “I want you to write a whole blog post about me. I know it may be tough, but you can do it.” Well, here’s what I can tell you so far: Based on the… Read More

On the referee lockout.

“Danford” writes: Being an Econ man and all I would like to know your opinion on the refs lock out in the NFL. Are the owners being greedy??? Or are the refs asking to much to work 16… Read More

Yet another mailbag post about the Libertarians.

An anonymous reader e-mails this mess o’questions: Predict the future! Ok, well maybe just give us your best guess. Do you see the possibility of a third party becoming president within the next 50 years? Are we stuck… Read More

The jilting of Ron Paul.

An anonymous e-mailer e-mails anonymously: “How much did Romney’s alienation of grassroots and Ron Paul voters at the RNC hurt the GOP’s chances of winning this time around?” Hard to say. If it did hurt the GOP’s chances,… Read More

On the GOP ticket.

An anonymous reader asks: “How do not so Conservative candidates like Romney/Ryan get picked with such huge influences like the Tea Party movement?” How did the GOP end up with a seemingly moderate or weak conservative ticket in… Read More

In-state vs. out-of-state.

An anonymous reader e-mails: “I was accepted into an out of state university and decided to go there this fall. But now I’m having second thoughts. Should I stay in Florida instead? Why did you decide to pick… Read More

The “f” word, revisited.

A former student recently directed me to this “not particularly good article” (her words, with which I concur) and asked for my comments. I sent her some brief comments; hopefully I helped clarify just how confusing the issue… Read More

On leftovers.

An anonymous reader e-mails: So, seeing as you know a lot about economics, I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the economic ramifications of a large corporation like “Large Corporation” donating shrink/ old product to… Read More

On libertarianism.

An anonymous reader e-mailed, “Your thoughts on Libertarianism and the growing movement especially amongst young people?” I’ve written several posts that address libertarian ideas in some fashion. I’m not going to list them all here, but you’re welcome… Read More