On universal basic income.

The first mailbag post in a while– first of any type of post in a while– is brought to us from “F.A.”, who writes: Hey Mr. V, I don’t know if you’ve been following the Democratic party and… Read More

On Wal-Mart’s higher wages.

From the mailbag: (Blonde) directed my attention to a Gray Lady article that asks “How Did Walmart Get Cleaner Stores and Higher Sales?” and then answers “It Paid Its People More” and then asks “Can the answer to… Read More

On the 2016 field, so far.

Rogue Economist asked recently, i.e., three months ago, “Any commentary on the presidential race thus far?” I apologize for taking my sweet time to respond, but I will do so now that the field’s a little smaller. My… Read More

“Its color, its brilliance, its divine heaviness.”

Noutheo writes: I’ve been reading a lot of works by the late economist Murray Rothbard, and he’s turned me into a proponent of money backed by commodities. “What Has Government Done To Our Money” was especially interesting as… Read More


An anonymous reader sent the following: A friend of mine recently posted this link on SharePoint. I thought you may enjoy interacting with the ideas presented. http://www.businessinsider.com/companies-need-to-pay-people-more-2014-3 In short, Blodget argues that employers don’t pay employees enough,  thus… Read More

Old Tip’s house.

An anonymous reader anonymously writes: “I JUST TOURED WILLIAM HENRY HARRISONS HOUSE IN INDIANA AND NOBODY APPRECIATES MY EXCITEMENT SO HERE IT IS THANK YOU” I hereby appreciate your excitement, though I imagine the house consisted merely of… Read More

A brief grumbling about the NSA.

Anonymous asks: “Off topic: What do you think of the ruling of the court case over the NSA data-collection-whatever?” I haven’t studied the case or ruling beyond what was in the headlines and a few articles. However, I… Read More

On the possibility of default.

An anonymous reader asked in an earlier comment thread, “Could you explain what would happen if the Oct. 17 deadline isn’t met?” October 17th is the day that the federal government expects to hit its debt ceiling. In… Read More

On groceries.

An anonymous reader emails: I have an economics-related question that stemmed from a pretty interesting article I just read on the cost of living in NYC. My question is this: On page one of the article, the author… Read More


Here are some brief responses to recent questions from anonymous readers. I may expand my responses one day. 1. “Personal Question! What meaning does your religion (or philosophy) hold for you and how does it impact how you… Read More

Answers about majoring in econ.

I contacted four of my former students regarding the questions in the previous post. Here’s what I sent them: “A few of my students have asked about majoring in economics (what sort of careers are open to them,… Read More

Question about majoring in econ.

An anonymous reader writes: I just wanted to say thank you. You and Mr. ZYXWV really sparked my interest in Economics and now in about a semester I will be done with my AA and start taking my… Read More