“Only in education.”

This year I was selected to represent my department at a six-day training seminar for a program that we’ll call “Not A Thing,” or “N.A.T.” This was not exactly an honor, because I loathe having to miss school… Read More

ATTN: Former students (’06-’07).

If you would, please e-mail me your AP scores. The school seems not to have them yet, and I grow impatient. Thanks.

Pinky promise.

I just saw an ad for a “Nightline” segment titled “Celebrities Unmuzzled”—as if they had actually been censored, or even quiet for a while. Please. … A year ago, one of my students made me promise to attend her graduation, and… Read More

On “hurried history.”

Tuesday’s Daily Herald featured an article which caught my eye. It was about how local history teachers manage a particular problem, which is that history never ends. Teachers thus have to decide what historical events and trends should be taught… Read More

On curricular speech.

Two investigations of teachers made the national news this week. In both cases there was concern that the teacher was ramming certain viewpoints down the students’ throats. That concern is probably not justified in one case, and probably… Read More