On pandemucation.

“Just a former student” writes: I hope you’re staying safe and healthy during these tumultuous times. I wanted to hear how you’re coping with working from home and more importantly, your thoughts on how this COVID-19 pandemic will… Read More


Not too long ago, I heard about a parent-teacher conference that I wish I’d sat in on. The story goes that this parent-of-a-struggling-student kicked off the conference by explaining how he, the parent, would teach the class. The… Read More

Ramblings on innumeracy.

Ereyesterday, I had a fun chat with my dear friend Dr. Hmnahmna regarding Common Core mathematics. Here’s a transcript, edited slightly for clarity and national security: DR. HMNAHMNA: From what I’ve seen of “Common Core” math (the quotes… Read More

On cursive.

… This was literally my hardest post to write, and is probably the hardest to read.


A coupla weeks back, a student asked an odd question. She asked how the members of the Second Continental Congress got to Philadelphia to work on the Declaration of Independence. Before I got the chance to answer that… Read More


We’re three days in to the new year, and all three days I’ve had a vague and nagging feeling that something was just plain un-right. I wasn’t able to place it until this evening. I spent a good… Read More

A waning bliss.

One of the most melancholic moments of my childhood came on the first day of third grade. That was the day it truly hit me that my friends and I only had a year left on the good… Read More

Answers about majoring in econ.

I contacted four of my former students regarding the questions in the previous post. Here’s what I sent them: “A few of my students have asked about majoring in economics (what sort of careers are open to them,… Read More

Question about majoring in econ.

An anonymous reader writes: I just wanted to say thank you. You and Mr. ZYXWV really sparked my interest in Economics and now in about a semester I will be done with my AA and start taking my… Read More

An open letter to Mayor Emanuel.

Dear Mayor Emanuel, Hear me out: I currently teach in Duval County Public Schools. My base salary last year was approximately $41,000 due to having a bachelor’s degree and being in my tenth year of teaching . The… Read More

In-state vs. out-of-state.

An anonymous reader e-mails: “I was accepted into an out of state university and decided to go there this fall. But now I’m having second thoughts. Should I stay in Florida instead? Why did you decide to pick… Read More

Responses to questions about education.

“Future Parent and possibly Teacher…15 years from now” e-mailed a series of questions. Here are some brief responses: “Where do you see us standing in terms of education quality 15 years from now?” It’ll be better at some… Read More