Non sequitur.

A not-too-recent dream: It is late in the movie. I am dying of something that was presumably revealed earlier. I sit in an office writing a letter of resignation, trying to get everything taken care of before it’s… Read More

Five Years!

Today is the fifth anniversary of my very first journal entry. When I first started blogging, I dreamt of being that daring, edgy writer whose ideas would grab a tragically dull world by its lapels, punch it in… Read More

“You just can’t let anything go, can you?”

One of last night’s dreams: I am at a grocery store in Virginia with The Mole and Dr. Hmnahmna, presumably getting sundries for the Great Turkey Fry. We are at the end of a short line, waiting to… Read More


I neglected to write about this one a while back: I am at my aunt’s house for a big family dinner. I don’t know what the occasion is; there probably isn’t one. Car by car, family members show… Read More

Ghost dream.

Last night’s dream: A co-worker tells me she’s arranged for me to tryout for Cruz Azul, a professional soccer team based in Mexico City. This strikes me as odd on for three reasons. First, I’m not a fan… Read More

In which my brother and I beat up a ghost.

I was just going through some old voice memos and found one about a dream I’d had recently: I’m in the faculty lounge at work, telling somebody that a former coworker, Jeanelle (who used to be the English… Read More


Last night I arrived at the Aabrock’s house in North Cackalacky. I slept in a room that was so dark, so quiet and so comfortable that it could double as a sensory deprivation chamber. This was the dream… Read More

Stay tuned.

Last night’s dream: The ‘Rolla has suffered some damage to the front passenger door. I take it to a repair shop. I point out the damage, and ask them how long it will take to fix. The mechanic… Read More

Nap dream.

I drifted off late this afternoon and had this dream: It is dark outside. I am wearing a grey three-piece business suit and no hat. I am walking down a street with my grandfather. He is roughly my… Read More

Annihilation room.

Last night’s dream: It is late. I’ve been asked to drive a woman to some social gathering. It is located behind a collegiate baseball stadium and down a hill. We arrive at ten. The walls are marbled black… Read More

До свидания.

Last night’s nightmare: I am sitting with a friend. Someone nearby has a dog who just broke its leg. Someone has called Doggie 911, and a veterinary ambulance is on its way. We wait for it. My friend… Read More


Last night’s dream: After a long day at work, which for some reason resembled an academic museum combined with a commercial mall and a dungeon more than a high school, I go to my dad’s house. My younger… Read More