Protected: Ceremony.

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Protected: This melody to you.

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Just the first scene from last night’s epic road trip dream: I am driving my old Corolla. The narrow road is carved out of a mountainside, a steep rise on my left and a steep drop into water… Read More

Les cymbales du soleil.

A recent dream: I am driving through verdant French hills and the sky is bright. MQ is sitting in the passenger seat, navigating with a real live ink-and-paper map. We are running low on gas, so we look… Read More


A recent dream: I am in the garage of my grandparents’ house, which for some reason looks out over my aunt’s back lawn. I am getting ready to go home after a long day of eating. The weather… Read More


Here’s last night’s oddest dream: I was on the stage of Paxon’s auditorium. I was Schuyler Colfax, Speaker of the House during the 1860s. Note that I didn’t say I was playing the role of Colfax, I was… Read More


An afternoon nap dream: It is night. I stand outside a mountaintop villa. Parts of the villa hang over the slope and are supported by broad stainless steel beams. The walls are mostly floor-to-ceiling glass, and reveal a… Read More


Yesterday some friends asked if I would babysit their cat for roughly one year while they’re in Europe waiting for the furor surrounding their thrill-killing and bank robbery spree to die down. I politely declined, but offered to… Read More

A brief moment of panic.

A recent dream: I am working on a laptop. Several windows are open, the topmost of which is a letter of resignation. Clicking on another window reveals a website for an apartment rental agency in some faraway place…. Read More

Another place.

A recent dream: It is night. I am in a basement. Two men and a woman are seated at a nearby table and seem to be making a plan of some sort. I approach the table and recognize… Read More

Got nothing.

Last night’s dream: I am sitting in the audience of a comedy club, something I have never done in real life. It is the last night of a three-night amateur competition. They announce that a particular contestant has… Read More


A dream from this afternoon’s kinetic napping action: It is nighttime. I pull into the driveway of my grandmother’s old house. The garage door is open and the overhead light is on. The water heater is out of… Read More