Below are links to some of my favorite websites. Some belong to friends. Some don’t. I don’t especially care whether the owners and/or operators of these websites want me to link to them or not. I endorse them.

Portillo’s. My favorite restaurant. I enjoy their Italian Roast Beef sandwiches, wet, with green bell peppers instead of giardiniera. I also enjoy their Chicago-style hot dogs, but I am ashamed to admit that I have to pluck off the sport peppers.

Tastes of Chicago. Order good food from Malnati’s and Portillo’s.

Bastiat’s “Petition of the Candlemakers.” I think this might be the most important satirical piece about economics ever, though I’m not sure the genre is all that broad.

Cafe Hayek. A blog about economics by Russ Roberts and Don Boudreaux.

Drudge Report. I didn’t realize that linking to a news aggregator would piss off so many folks. If I had, I would’ve done it three times sooner.

Instapundit. Links to news, editorials, sci-fi stuff, survivalist stuff, and so on, with more than a little snark.

Reason. “Free minds and free markets.”

Prolific Living. This is Nikita’s blog. She wants to make your life better. She seems to have made Aabrock happier, but whenever I visit them he tries to blink messages to me in Morse code. I think it’s a warning.

My favorite teams:
A.C. Milan. Milan were the dominant team when I started paying a little bit of attention to international soccer. Gullit, Van Basten, Baresi, Rijkaard, Maldini, et al. were in the middle of a 58-game unbeaten streak, so they became one of my two favorite teams.

Boston Celtics. They’ve reminded the league about the right way to win: have the GM’s former teammates trade you All-Stars for a song.

Chicago Bears. My favorite team of all, period.

Chicago Blackhawks. My second-most favorite hockey team (until Lemieux has nothing to do with the Pens anymore).

Chicago Bulls. They had the greatest season in NBA history (’95-’96), arguably the greatest NBA player ever, and the greatest uniforms in league history: the black alternate jerseys with red pinstripes.

Chicago Cubs. I am not a fan of top-flight baseball, which is why I like the Cubs. Still can’t believe they won it all.

Manchester United. My other favorite footy team. I acknowledge that supporting ManU is like supporting the Yankees, but I knew Dennis Viollet– who holds United’s record for goals in a league season– and he taught me how to shoot. Don’t hold that against him. “You make yourself look good by making your teammates look good.”

Pittsburgh Penguins. Super Mario’s team. I wish I’d started following hockey earlier, so I could’ve seen those early 90s teams.