24. RxK †

I was playing Chess with Friends (which Zynga really should make available to non-iOS devices) recently, as I am wont to do, because it’s the best interface for those of us who just want to play some quick games of chess. I was playing the White pieces. Here’s the board right after Black’s 23rd move:

See the problem? If not, feel free to ask.

I texted Black: “?”

Black texted back: “glitch”

Naturally, I decided to see how far this could go. I captured the Black king…


…and that still didn’t end the game. I hoped my opponent would be willing to have some fun with the situation and keep playing, but Black resigned. Oh well. There may never be a next time.

7 thoughts on “24. RxK †

    1. I had Battle Chess on a PC many years ago. If was fun for a while but the novelty wore off. Now, if you could enter a Mortral Kombat-style battle mode when attempting to capture a piece, that might sell.


      1. Mortal Kobat Deception actually did that very thing. Chess play was normal until you tried to take an opponents piece. At which point, you entered battle-mode. To add some twist, your character’s health in battle varied depending on whether you were a pawn, knight, rook, etc. and attacker’s recieved a health bonus.


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